Our values are intended to provide enduring strength and guidance for all the members of Jehovah Jireh Children’s home community. They include;

  1. Compassion -We care for others with the compassion of Jesus Christ and are sensitive to their concerns, problems and pains.
  2. Reverence of God -We submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and fully depend on the power of Holy Spirit acknowledging that only Him can change and transform lives.
  3. Respect -We recognize the special needs and the individualism of others as God’s creation and see the best in them regardless of who they are.
  4. Child focused – we belief that every child should have an opportunity to mature and develop their God given potentials.
  5. Partnerships -we believe that through partnership and collaborations we can accomplish more than we can do on our own. We believe in the success through integration of the talents and dedication of other caring people and organizations.